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Koncert Tonya Graves


11. 22, 2011 / 06:30am


11. 22, 2011 / 10:00am



come join me and my band on the 21st of november for my cd release concert at jazz dock. it's our only concert in prague till the end of the year and space is limited. get tickets now at jazz dock, ticketpro or ticketstream 250,-kc. /Jediný pražský koncert do konce roku. Proběhne i křest nového CD! Vstupenky v prodeji od 250,- Kč vJazz Dock, Ticketpro a Ticketstream. Otevřeno už od 17:00 hod.!

due to the limited capacity in jazz dock there is no guestlist. sorry folks. tickets are still available but going fast so get yours while they're still availble!
Omlouvame se, ale kvuli male kapacite, neni tentokrat guestlist. Listky v prodeji stale jsou, ale velmi rychle mizi. Diky za pochopeni.

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